Quik Interior Detailer

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623,75 kr
Varenummer : D14901

  • Safely & quickly cleans and protects all interior surfaces.

  • Leaves a durable UV protection to preserve original appearance.

  • High lubricity formula maintains the natural look and feel of interior plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber, metal, carbon fiber, wood and even audio/video equipment.

  • Effectively removes dust, ashes, dirt, grime, spills and fingerprints without build up.

  • Non greasy, natural appearance.

  • Easy application: spray-on, wipe-off

  • Pleasant fragrance.

  • CARB VOC Compliant for General Purpose Cleaners.

  • DILUTION Ready to use.



  • SHAKE WELL. For best results, apply to a cool surface.

  • Mist one section at a time and wipe with Meguiar’s wipe(E101 or E100EU) or 100% cotton terry cloth.

  • Turn to a dry portion of the towel and wipe surface dry.

  • Do not let product self-dry.

  • Return to damp portion of cloth for each initial wipe.

  • Please refer to vehicle and/or aftermarket equipment owner’s manuals for specific surface care instructions.

  • Not for use on suede.

  • Work from the top down.


Indeholder UV beskyttelse for at bevare originalt udseende.

Renser effektivt og sikkert alle interiør overflader - inklusiv skærme og instrumenter.

Ikke fedtende - efterlader en naturlig overflade.

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