Super Degreaser 18,9 Ltr

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2.556,25 kr
Varenummer : D10805

  • Strong & fast breaking down even the toughest grease.

  • Free-rinsing formula for prevents unsightly white residue stains.

  • Herbal fragrance for a pleasant work environment.

  • Exterior use.

  • BSS ( Body Shop Safe )

  • DILUTION Heavy-Duty Degreasing 4:1 Medium-Duty Degreasing 10:1



  • Dilute to required specifications and apply to desired surface.

  • Let sit for 30-45 seconds and thoroughly rinse clean with water.

  • Do not let dry on surfaces.

  • TIRE CLEANING: Prior to use, ensure surfaces are cool to the touch by spraying with cold water.

  • For severe grease accumulations, agitate with brush.

  • To prevent any accidental staining from overspray when degreasing engines, wet adjacent panels with diluted Meguiar’s® Hyper-Wash (D11001) or Shampoo Plus™ (D11101) prior to application.


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