MG 26 Yellow Wax

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Varenummer : M2616

  • Premium yellow Carnauba wax blended with silicones, polymers and other waxes.

  • Durable paint protection and enhanced gloss to any cleaned and polished paint finish.

  • Adds richness and depth of color.

  • METHOD OF APPLICATION: Hand or DA Polisher or Rotary buffer.



  • SHAKE WELL. Apply in the SHADE on a COOL SURFACE.

  • Apply to one section at a time.

  • If finish is neglected, call Meguiar’s for other specific product recommendations.

  • Do ΝΟΤ apply to rubber or vinyl surfaces.

  • If applying by hand, use a clean, dry, soft, 100% cotton terry cloth towel or sponge applicator.

  • Using light pressure, spread product evenly over surface.

  • Use overlapping strokes to ensure adequate coverage.

  • Allow product to dry to a haze.

  • Use a Meguiar’s wipe or fresh towel (E101 or X2010EU) to wipe off residue. Turn to clean portion of towel for final wipe.


Advanceret sammensætning af gul Carnauba vokse, silikoner, polymer og andre vokstype-

Tilføjer farverigdom og dybde.

Tilføjer ultimativ højglans beskyttelse til rengjorte og polerede lakoverflader.

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